Pope Francis just finished up an incredible trip to Mexico, with hundreds of thousands if not millions of people turning out to see him.

But some people are claiming that Pope St. John Paul II may have also showed up.

There’s a photo that’s gone viral in Mexico (covered even in the secular media) in which people claim they see a ghost of John Paul II sitting behind Pope Francis in the popemobile.

Here it is:


You can click it view it full size if you want a closer look.

So is this for real?

It’s not a fake photo, there hasn’t been any retouching. There really is someone sitting behind Pope Francis.

But for anyone who may have gotten their hopes up, unfortunately the answer is no, it’s not John Paul II.

It’s Cardinal Suarez Inda. His face is blurred due to the movement of the photo, and the lighting is making it look like he’s wearing papal clothes. Other angles and a video make this very clear.

Here’s another photo of the same popemobile trip from a different angle:

Yhonatan Luque Reyes, YouTube
Yhonatan Luque Reyes, YouTube

And here’s a video:

But I’m sure St. John Paul II was there in spirit, praying for his successor!

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