That’s what the Cassidy family is claiming.

They had a baby girl with Down Syndrome, Ave, who had two holes in her heart. During a visit to Rome, they were able to have their baby kissed by Pope Francis as he drove by in his popemobile in St. Peter’s Square and tell him what was wrong with her.

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At their daughter’s next check up, one of the holes was completely healed, and the second was half the size it was.

Coincidence? Or did Pope Francis’ prayers for the child lead to God miraculously healing her?

When asked in the video below if she had a message for the pope, the mother replied: “Thank you for spreading the word that all life is precious, even life that seems like it might have struggles and issues, like hers, that she’s as precious as anyone else. We just thank you for spreading that message, because people need to hear that.”

This video explains their story:

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