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Recent data for COVID19 in Italy shows a drop in new daily cases and deaths after Pope Francis prayed for the world during his Urbi et Orbi Eucharistic blessing on March 27.

Italy took extreme measures throughout the past couple of months to prevent the spread of COVID19. The country enforced a two-month lockdown, which suspended public Masses, closed schools, restaurants, shops, etc. The government recently eased the restrictions on May 18.

Along with these measures to slow the spread, Pope Francis prayed for the world in a special Eucharistic blessing in St. Peter’s Square. The live televised prayer and blessing aired on March 27.

Following that date, the rate of new daily deaths and cases dropped in Italy.

Furthermore, it raises the question: Did Pope Francis’ prayers stop the worst of COVID19 in Italy? Did his prayers save lives?

Here’s the daily death toll in Italy, according to Google:


The chart shows that after March 27–the same day as Pope Francis’ prayer and Eucharistic blessing–Italy’s new daily deaths continued dropping. There were a few spikes in daily death numbers, but the numbers never hit higher than the March 27 death toll.

Italy’s COVID19 new daily cases also began dropping after March 28.

Here’s the chart below:


The day after Pope Francis’ prayer and Eucharistic blessing, new daily COVID19 cases dropped significantly. They spiked occasionally, but never more than those reported on March 28.

God listens to our prayers. However, the virus continues to cause death, and many have died even after his prayer service.

But is this drop in Italy’s new daily COVID19 cases and deaths a coincidence? Or did Pope Francis’ prayers attribute to their overall decline?

What are your thoughts?

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