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Former Disney Channel star David Henrie published a precious photo of two of his children dressing up as saints for Halloween and All Saints’ Day.

Henrie, who starred on Disney Channel’s “Wizards of Waverly” place, is a practicing Catholic and often vocalizes his passion for the faith.

Here’s his post below:

@davidhenrie, Instagram

Henrie’s post reads, “Alright y’all, so we got Saint Teresa of Avila and a Franciscan monk who just got kicked out of the order and is back on the dating scene. (Truth be told we had no outfit for him and I had to make up a story 😅).”

Here’s how some people responded to the post:

@hannahnaegele, Instagram

One Instagram user wrote, “How fun! We had a St. Rita and St. Genevieve yesterday. The [three] littler kids were too afraid to get up on stage for the All Saints’ pageant, but their time will come.”

@alesandoval, Instagram

Another user said, “She can reuse her costume next year and be St. Therese of Lisieux.”

@taniabantoun, Instagram

One Instagram user added, “Thank you for celebrating All Hallow’s Eve and All Saints’ Day. Beautiful. God bless.”

Social media users across the internet also posted their children dressed up as saints.

Here’s some posts below:

St. Agnes

@jeanettuqui, Instagram 

St. Januarius

@official_amanda_daniel, Instagram

St. Christopher

@meippoliti38, Instagram

St. Alfred the Great

@soniamaximillian, Instagram

Mary, Queen of Heaven

@sacra_indumenta, Instagram

Martinho (Martin) Maria de Porres Ward (on path to possible sainthood)

@rountreeschool, Instagram


@catholicmomsgroup, Instagram

Which one is your favorite?

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