Please pray for our churches!

Vandals beheaded a Mary statue outside St. Stephen Catholic Church in Chattanooga, Tenn. over the weekend. This is one of several Catholic Church attacks in recent days.

Pastor Fr. Manuel Perez found the vandalized 5-foot Mary statue torn off its pedestal on Saturday before the morning Mass. The statue is worth $2,000. Police also forwarded the report to the Department of Homeland Security, citing a possible hate crime.

Here’s pictures of the vandalized statue:


WTVC-TV NewsChannel 9 News, Facebook / Diocese of Knoxville

WTVC-TV NewsChannel 9 News, Facebook / Diocese of Knoxville

Diocese of Knoxville Bishop Rick Stika responded to the crime in a July 13 tweet.

@BishopStika, Twitter

Bishop Stika’s full tweet reads, “What a strange time [we live in]. Over the weekend, [an] outdoor statue of the Blessed Mother was beheaded at St. Stephen Parish in Chattanooga. This is occurring at various spots throughout the United States.”

Tenn. Rep. Chuck Fleischmann responded and retweeted Bishop Stika’s statement, calling it “a disturbing attack on Catholicism”.

@RepChuck, Twitter

Rep. Fleischmann’s full tweet reads, “This is a disturbing attack on Catholicism and religion. / Sadly, it is among a series of attacks on Catholic churches that have happened in recent days. / I hope that the perpetrators will be brought to justice, but I also pray that they will find their way to God as well.”

Let us ask Mary Help of Christians to pray for our Church during this difficult time.

Mary Help of Christians, please pray for us!

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