Did you know there is actually a St. Corona?

On this week’s episode of The Catholic Talk Show, Ryan Scheel, Ryan DellaCrosse, and Fr. Rich Pagano discuss “The Catholic Church, Plagues, & The Coronavirus.”

Who is St. Corona?

“She’s being called on in Northern Italy where her remains are,” Fr. Pagano begins.

“She was a teenager, and was in a married relationship. She and her brother-in-law, St. Victor (they kind of go hand-in-hand) were martyred.

“As Roman soldiers gouged out St. Victor’s eyes, she cried out to encourage him to not give up. He kept the faith and boldly proclaimed it. He was martyred and then they captured her, and essentially, tied her to two bent-over palm trees and they ripped her from limb-to-limb.”

“She was definitely sought after from that period of time on because of how many miracles came from her intercession, as well as St. Victor, as it relates to epidemics and pandemics.

“St. Corona is a very, very powerful witness.”

Listen to the full episode below:

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In this episode, you will also learn:

• Who are the patron saints against plagues?
• How have plagues shaped the history of the Church?
• What can Catholics do during quarantines and pandemics?
• Which saint used science and faith to battle medieval plagues?
• How a Pope miraculously saved Rome from a plague

St. Corona, please pray for our deliverance from the coronavirus pandemic!

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