Do you ever have problems paying attention during Mass?


I think we all do every now and then!

Fr. Paul-Michael Piega of the Diocese of Austin has some great tips for avoiding distractions during Mass.

Here’s his tips:

1) Try to arrive a little earlier before Mass begins.

This will help in transitioning oneself from the worldly events going on in our lives to what is about to take place during the Mass, namely, that we are entering into the Sacrifice of Jesus.

2) Come to Mass with a specific intention.

We are part of the common priesthood of Christ and so we should come to Mass with an intention or a sacrifice of offering. During the Mass, if we cannot stay focus …we can remember the intention or offering we are coming for and be more motivated to stay focus.

3) Try to participate in the responses during Mass…

Whether it be singing, chanting or saying the responses of the people.

4) Read the Mass readings before attending Mass.

This helps to familiarize oneself more with Sacred Scripture and it can help with following along with the homily, if your priest preaches on the readings of course.

5) If you feel tired or sleepy…

Don’t be afraid to get up out of your pew and stand up in the back for a few minutes.

6) If you have Sacred Images or statues of saints in your sanctuary or Church…

Take a quick glance at the image or statue and ask for the saint’s prayers and intercession right there in the moment. Remember, the Church triumphant is also present at the Mass even though we cannot physically see them!

Is there anything else that you do to avoid distractions during Mass?

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