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Two Dominican seminarians studying at the University of Fribourg in Switzerland began OPChant, a YouTube Channel that teaches Gregorian Chant in the Dominican tradition.

Brothers Stefan Ansinger, O.P. and Brother Alexandre Frezzato, O.P., sing each chant and provide a copy of the score, as well as the Latin words, in each video description. The friars also use chants according to the liturgical calendar, uploading a new video every week.

OPChant had less than 200 subscribers as of Jan. 25, 2020. As of this writing, the channel generated more than 10,000 subscribers! It is the only channel of its kind on the internet, and it’s absolutely beautiful!

Here’s the Dominicans’ most recent video:

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Here’s the video’s description:

The office of the Mass for the fifth Sunday of Ordinary time according to the Dominican Gregorian chant tradition.

Venite, adoremus Deum, et procidamus ante Dominum:
ploremus ante eum, qui fecit nos:
quia ipse est Dominus Deus noster.

Versus: Venite, exsultemus Domine: iubilemus Deo salutare nostro.

Come let us adore God
and fall down before the Lord who made us
for He is the Lord our God.

Verse: Come let us exult with joy to the Lord. Let us sing for joy to God our Saviour.

Friars: Stefan Ansinger, O.P. & Alexandre Frezzato, O.P.


Location: We thank the Ursuline sisters of Fribourg for their hospitality.

For more information or questions about our project:”

Due to the channel’s immense success, the Dominicans recently thanked their supporters.

Here’s their ‘Thank You’ video below:

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Priest and journalist Fr. Erik Ross, O.P., interviewed the Dominican brothers for an article on their official website.

Brother Alexandre Frezzato told Fr. Ross that the chant is “a treasure.”

“What also touches me is the awareness of history; through this sacred song, which has remained the same, which accompanied the common prayer of the brothers, loving the Lord together, studying together,” Brother Alexandre Frezzato said.

“We have here a treasure which binds us to those who precede us and who gave their lives for Christ in our Order. It’s our turn to pass it on!”

“We hope to be instruments – in this case, we are almost literally instruments – to touch the hearts of our listeners,” Brothers Stefan Ansinger added. “Through our songs, we suggest to people that they allow themselves to be gently drawn into prayer. It can give glory to Him who created all beauty.”

What do you think of the Friars’ Gregorian chant YouTube class? Click here for more videos!

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