EWTN Norway produced a seven-minute short film entitled "The Lost Son,” created with the help of AI programs. 

Through the use of visualized images, animation, and voices, this short film tells the parable of "The Prodigal Son," which we read in the Gospel of Luke

In this parable, there are two sons.

One son asks his father for his inheritance early. He then recklessly spends it out of self-indulgence and sin and is left poor and forced to work for a pig farmer. The eldest son faithfully stays with his father and does everything asked of him.

The youngest son, now desperate and hungry, plans to return to his father stating, “Father I have sinned against Heaven and against you. I no longer deserve to be called your son, treat me as you would treat one of your workers.” (Luke 15:18-19)

However, when he says this to his father, he surprisingly replies, “My son, I’m so glad that you came back. I have been waiting so long” before embracing him and throwing an extravagant celebratory feast.

When the elder brother goes to his father in frustration, his father simply responds, “My son was dead but has come to life again, he was lost but has been found.”

One brother was a slave to sin and self-indulgence, another to self-righteousness and jealousy.

The father in this parable so beautifully represents our Father in Heaven. He reminds us that we are infinitely loved and irreplaceable.

Whether you have strayed from Him for one year or one day, regardless of your sin, the Lord wants you back. The Lord cannot wait to embrace you.

EWTN Norway's short film remarkablely tells this parable in a new and creative way. 

The short film's developer and EWTN Norway volunteer Clemens Cavallin said he made the film "in order to see what can be done with generative AI tools when it comes to Christian stories."

Cavallin also works as a Professor of Religious Education at NLA University College in Bergen, Norway.

"I dreamt of making movies when I was young and now it is possible," he said.

"This technology is very quickly developing with new tools and upgrades added each week," Cavallin continued. "Now few use them for Christian storytelling. But increasingly it becomes possible to visualize things that were previously very costly."

Cavallin said he "would love if young Christian creatives would use these new tools for good purposes."

Technology and Evangelization 

As Clemens mentioned, technology is rapidly developing. While we currently use every tool manageable to spread the Gospel of Christ on social media via photos, reels, articles, or posts, AI provides another opportunity to reach new audiences.

Though there are many opinions regarding AI technology, its intent, and navigating its uses in our world, this creative video proves we can find new opportunities to evangelize.

Editor for EWTN Norway Pål Johannes Nes has found AI to be of significant assistance.

“Since EWTN Norway is so small on manpower, we have been testing AI," Nes told ChurchPOP.

"As someone who has big problems with spelling, it has been a big help for me personally. Clemens Cavallin, who developed the movie, has been doing a lot of volunteer work for EWTN Norway. He has developed skills in AI that we have great use for.”

As EWTN Norway uses this new technology for evangelization, they are truly following Saint Paul's example.

Saint Paul saw where people gathered, went to them, and preached the Gospel in a way they would understand.

As the living, breathing Church, through our Baptism, we are called to be messengers of Christ and point people to Him in everything we do.

As an apostle of Christ, Saint Paul spread the glorious message of everlasting life by willingly meeting people where they are. People cannot love and know the Lord if they’ve never heard of Him.

Some people may see these AI videos and understand the Gospel for the first time. Maybe these encounters will be the first time someone who has strayed from the Church is encouraged to come back, being reminded of God’s persistent love. 

Technology may change, but the Lord and His goodness remain the same. Our Christian duty also remains the same–go to the people and tell the Good News. 

This new AI short film from EWTN Norway creatively encompasses how we can take technology and use it to spread the will of God. 

Watch “The Lost Son” below:

Click here if you cannot see the video above.

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