EWTN News journalist Colm Flynn was doing a video report on the second anniversary of the war in Ukraine with a priest when he saw a crucifix among the ruins of a building.

Two years after the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, Flynn visited the country to learn about the current situation of the inhabitants and how they have coped with the ravages of war.

During his trip, the journalist visited one of the neighborhoods of Kyiv, where a Russian missile killed five people.

While walking amid the ruins of the buildings with Father Pavlo Vyshkovshyi, OMI, Flynn sees the crucifix.

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“Today, Father Pavlo Vyshkovshyi is visiting a neighborhood in his parish here in Kyiv that just a few days ago, was struck by a Russian missile. It tore a hole in this apartment block, killing five people,” Flynn says.

“He regularly checks in to see how the people are coping. As Father Pavlo and I continue to walk outside, out of the corner of my eye, I spot something in the distance,” he adds.

Flynn found the crucifix among the bombed apartments. The cross was damaged, but the image of Jesus in the center was almost intact.

"What does this say to you, Father, when you see something like this?" Flynn asks.

“God is very close to us. He is present among people, among us. We feel the very strong presence of God,” he responded. 

Flynn's report is part of a special edition of EWTN News In Depth on the war in Ukraine. More than 1,500 children are estimated to have died in the war and 4.1 million people need humanitarian assistance.

“Every day we pray for the conversion of our enemies, every day. Every day we pray for our parishioners who have been called to the military, it is around 20 from our parish… and six of them, we have had funerals for already,” Father Pavlo said.

Here's the full report below:

Click here if you cannot see the video above.

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