How miraculous!

Christians all over the world mourned in 2015 when the Islamic State beheaded 21 Coptic Christians in Libya.

ISIS told these 21 men that if they denied Jesus, they would spare their lives. However, the men chose to instead repeat the words, “Lord Jesus Christ.”

Miracles Attributed to 21 Beheaded Coptic Christians

The Christian post recently reported that several miracles have occurred following the martyrdom of these 21 men, who were also canonized by the Coptic Church as saints.

(Note: The Coptic Church has not been in full communion with Rome since the 5th century, so they are not saints canonized by the Holy See under Pope Francis.

Although, Pope Francis did acknowledge these deaths earlier this year, expressing his thanks to the religion, saying, “You have some martyrs who give strength to your faith. Thank you for your example.” He also honored these martyrs during his 2017 visit to Cario, Egypt.)

German novelist Martin Mosebach visited the Egyptian town El-Aour, where 13 of the 21 martyrs were from. He spoke with the victim’s families, and said that “everybody is talking about miracles.”

His book, The 21: A Journey into the Land of Coptic Martyrs, explains his discoveries regarding these martyred men, including the miracles allegedly attributed to them.

He added that, “The miracles are also now seen with the martyrs, which the martyrs heal people.”

One reported miracle involved the son of one of the martyrs, after he fell three stories from a building onto the street.

According to the Christian Post, he broke his arm “in multiple places.” After regaining consciousness, the son said his martyred and now-deceased father caught him.

Within days, his X-rays appeared normal.

Other reported miracles involved healing of the sick and the healing an infertile woman.

The article also said that the people in this village are “proud of the martyrs for standing strong and dying for their faiths.”

After the Islamic State killed these 21 men, Egypt President Abdel Fattah el-Sis asked that a church be built honoring the martyrs. The Church of the Martyrs of Faith and Homeland now stands in El-Aour.

Let us pray for all persecuted Christians!

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