Wish you could fall asleep to the soothing voice of the King of Kings? Now you can.

The Catholic prayer and meditation app Hallow recently launched “Sleep Stories” as part of an ever-growing library of content designed to help Catholics fall asleep easier.

One of its first stories features the voice of actor Jonathan Roumie, best known for playing the role of Jesus on the TV show “The Chosen.”

If you’re a fan of Roumie—and of his voice—then you’ll definitely want to check out Hallow’s newest Sleep Story. 

Here’s a preview of one of his stories:

Fall asleep to Roumie’s re-telling of the Sermon on the Mount, and rest with Scripture on your mind. If there’s a better way to fall asleep (naturally and without medication, of course), we don’t know about it.

Hallow’s decision to invest in sleep content points to a growing trend among meditation apps who provide solutions to the ever-growing problem of restlessness and insomnia in today’s modern world.

Competitors like Calm and Headspace also invest heavily in sleep features.

And while you could choose to listen to secular actors read bedtime stories on Calm, for Catholics, hearing one of our own (yes, that’s right, Roumie is Catholic) recite Scripture is a fun (and surprisingly calming) experience worth trying.

Other Sleep Stories available on Hallow feature the voices of Fr. Mike Schmitz—perhaps best known for his popular YouTube videos–and Lisa Hendey—founder of CatholicMom.com. 

Here’s the cool part: right now, you can experience Sleep Stories, plus more than 500 other audio-guided prayer and meditation sessions on Hallow for FREE for 30 days. Click here to sign-up for your FREE trial.

And if you fall asleep tonight to the Savior’s voice whispering in your ears, we won’t blame you. We will do the same thing!

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