We are so grateful for Mother Angelica!

On Mon. April 20, 2023, we celebrate Mother Angelica’s 100th birthday.

She had a beautiful way with words, both on television and on paper.

The moving prayer below is an excerpt from Mother Angelica’s mini-book, Ad Lib with the Lord. It is especially helpful when you’re having a bad day!

Here’s the prayer below:

Prayer in Times of Discouragement

“O God, my mind whirls around in confusion and my soul seems destitute of all consolation. It is as if all the world and all my life wore telescoped into one moment and I carry the burden of it all. I cannot see any future except tomorrow being another today.

“All my yesterdays crowd around me, some accusing and some regret filled. It is like a prison with a thousand voices shouting for attention.

“Divine Jailor, You have the key to release my soul from the prison of discouragement. Unlock the doors and let me roam freely into the regions of Your love. Deliver me from the tyranny of my own will.

“Surely You take no pleasure in my soul disquieted within me, for then I am wrapped in myself: Do I hear You whisper, “Unlock the door for the key is within. I wait ready to enter and comfort you.”

Jesus, I trust in you!

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