Fitness influencer Christie Anderson went viral after sharing a video of herself exercising with her twin sister - a religious sister!

Here's the amazing thing: this Catholic nun performs physical activity in her habit!

Anderson lives in Canada and manages a popular Instagram account focused on health, wellness, and exercise.

Recently, a particular video went viral and generated many comments among internet users.

In the video, she shows what it's like to take her “identical sister to the gym.”

She said in the caption, “It's always a joy when sister sister comes to visit."

The video shows the sisters performing various exercises together. The religious sister even wears her habit and witnesses her vocation!

Watch the video below:

Christie didn't give much information about the sister's name or her religious congregation.

In the comments, however, she confirmed that it wasn't just a joke for social media, but that the sister was in fact a Franciscan.

"She did actually stop by for a workout!" Anderson responded. "It’s up to her if she wants to wear her habit or not."

Physical exercise enthusiast Father Rafael Capo also commented using the slogan he is famous for: “Fit for the Kingdom !! 💪🏼⚔️🔥🙏🏼”.

On his account, Father Capo's also addressed fitness.

The caption reads, “Stay tuned; stand firm in the faith; be brave; be strong. - 1 Cor. 16:13

"Get strong in body, mind and spirit! Fit for the Kingdom!”

In a later post, Christie published another video with her religious twin sister, writing, “Eating with your Catholic sister be like...🙏”

“Gratitude first," Anderson wrote in the caption.

Here's her video below:

Pray for more religious vocations! 🙏

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