This is very sad!

Faces of Choice, a pro-life organization giving abortion survivors a voice, worked with FOX over the past year to secure an ad during this year’s Super Bowl.  The ad does not mention abortion, but features 14 abortion survivors.

Faces of Choice founder Lyric Gillett explained that she began working with FOX’s legal team in July, but they told her “spaces sold out early.”

“FOX’s response would have been acceptable in November,” Gillet said. “Executives claiming ad space was not available is intentionally deceptive.”

“It’s such an uninventive excuse to say they ran out of space, which is easily disprovable,” Gillet continued.

“Faces of Choice provided every answer and documentation the legal team requested, and though the network has every right to decide which advertisers to accept, stringing along an eager advertiser who met every demand is professionally shady.”

She added that the denial “seems like a more calculated decision to deem abortion survivors worthy of being ignored.”

Gillet said Faces of Choice is working with “CBS for Super Bowl 2021 ad space,” and looks forward to the ad’s acceptance for air during next year’s Super Bowl.

Watch the powerful ad below:

Click here if you cannot see the video above.

Faces of Choice requests supporters to sign their petition asking “Fox TV and Fox Sports to air the Faces of Choice 30-second ad and let the voices of abortion survivors be heard.”

Click here to sign the petition!

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