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As ChurchPOP reported in June, Father Mike Schmitz will launch the ‘Catechism in a Year‘ podcast on Jan. 1, 2023.

The new podcast will go through the entire Catechism of the Catholic Church with 365 episodes (one per day).

Fr. Mike will narrate the episodes and feature special guests, including his ‘Bible in a Year’ co-host, Jeff Cavins.

The podcast will also feature guests Minnesota Bishop Andrew Cozzens, professor of Scripture Mary Healy, and Sister Miriam Heidland, SOLT.

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Ascension Press will release a new edition of the Catechism later this year, which will accompany the podcast. (Listening to the podcast does not require this edition, however.)

Ascension worked diligently with both the USCCB and the Vatican to obtain the proper permissions for this reprint.

Here’s a photo of the cover:

Ascension Presents, Catechism in a Year

Upon printing the new edition, Ascension took a “Foundations of Faith” approach, using the “existing structure” of the Catechism.

“It allows people to read the CCC with a clear understanding of its sources in Scripture, Church documents, writings of the saints, and more.”

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“The goal [is to] create an easier way to understand and appreciate the riches of the Catholic faith.”

The book uses a color-coded system, highlighting the “four pillars that make up the Catechism”.

These pillars include ‘what we believe’, ‘how we worship’, ‘how Christians pray’, and ‘how Christians live’.

Here’s some photos of the inside of the Catechism:

Ascension Presents, Catechism in a Year

Ascension Presents, Catechism in a Year

Ascension Presents, Catechism in a Year

Ascension also released a new preview for Fr. Mike’s ‘Catechism in a Year’ podcast.

The ‘episodes will be approximately 15-20 minutes each. Fr. Mike promises it will not be overwhelming.

“It will be the kind of thing where you can follow along and realize God speaks to us, Fr. Mike said when he announced the new podcast. “He speaks to us through his word, He speaks to us through the sacraments, He speaks to us through His Church.”

“God is still calling us. God is still moving us. God is still forming us and shaping us. I invite you to come with us on this journey,” he adds. “I’m so excited about this. It’s going to be something.”

Here’s the new preview below:

“Illumination” (The Catechism in a Year), Ascension, Vimeo.

What do you think of the new Catechism and upcoming podcast?

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