Thanks to the bravery of Paris firefighters, most of the structure of the Cathedral of Notre Dame was saved. But now begins the great work of rebuilding was was damaged.

Hundreds of millions of dollars has already been raised, which donations pouring in from around the world. And not just from Christians, but also from non-Christians. In particular, the rector of the Great Mosque of Paris Dalil Boubakeur has called for Muslims to contribute to the rebuilding efforts.

“The Great Mosque of Paris calls all Muslims in France,” the message reads on the Great Mosque of Paris website, “to contribute to the national subscription that was launched by the President of the Republic for the reconstruction of Notre-Dame de Paris.”

He then explains his reasoning: “This cathedral, temple of God, jewel of the national heritage, which has received so many prayers in our history, represents for Muslims the symbol of Mary, ‘Meriem,’ mother of Jesus, mentioned 34 times and celebrated in the Koran by a whole Surah (S.19).

In other words, despite their differences with Christian theology, Muslims of course believe in worshipping God, but also in honoring the Mother of Jesus, Mary, for which Notre Dame is dedicated.

If you are interested in donating to the cause, we recommend donating on the Notre Dame website.

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