Friar Dude was created by Joe Babcock, a friar-in-formation for the Capuchin Franciscan Province of St. Joseph (Midwest USA). Learn more about them here!

Here’s how to play:

Goal: Maneuver a young man who has to avoid certain falling items (representing distractions to the monastic life) while catching Zzz’s (representing sleep). Each level gets more difficult and represents a stage of becoming a full-fledge Franciscan.

Controls: On a keyboard, use the right and left arrows on your keyboard to move back and forth. On mobile, touch the sides of the video game window to move back and forth.

Works best on desktops/laptops. We are aware of problems on some mobile device and are working to fix them.

If the game does not appear or size correctly on your device, try it here instead.

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