Have you ever seen a conversion so profound it leaves you in awe of the transformative power of faith? 🌟

On a classic episode of The Catholic Talk Show, Ryan Scheel, Father Rich Pagano, and Ryan DellaCrosse witness the deeply personal testimony of John Edwards from "Just a Guy in the Pew."

Edwards, once a Baptist engulfed in a lifestyle of drugs, alcohol, and isolation, shared his miraculous transition from despair to divine grace as a devout Catholic!

Raised in Memphis and thriving in his career, Edwards seemed to have it all. Yet, beneath the surface, he was spiraling out of control, living a hedonistic lifestyle while grappling with personal turmoil, including his mother's death from cancer and a strained marriage from his addictions.

"On the outside looking in, I was a guy that had everything...but I was so lonely inside, I was broken," he reveals.

His world came crashing down following a near overdose and a subsequent arrest by the DEA, forcing Edwards to confront the reality of his actions. In his jail cell, he found unexpected peace in accepting the truth.

With the support of his wife, Angela, Edwards made the courageous decision to enter rehab and rekindle his faith.

"My dad... looks at me and he says, 'John, are you okay?'... And he said, 'Son, I love you.'"

These powerful moments of reconciliation and understanding became the bedrock of Edwards' conversion.

Engaging actively with his faith, Edwards became involved in the Church and even started a podcast to help other men navigate their struggles with faith.

He now emphasizes the incredible power of vulnerability and trusting in God's mercy to overcome guilt and shame.

"The priest looked at me and said, 'Hello, John... I don’t know why your family’s not here, but God wants me to tell you everything’s gonna be all right.'"

This encounter was a pivotal moment of grace for Edwards, assuring him that he was on the right path.

Today, Edwards encourages others to initiate their ministries and share their testimonies, because no matter how far we stray, redemption is always within reach if we trust in God's infinite mercy.

"God's like, 'Hey man, I just need a little bit from you. I just need your heart and your trust.' These very simple things."

Watch the episode below to witness this incredible conversion! 👇

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What an amazing story!

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