A priest of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter (FSSP) will celebrate the first ever Extraordinary Form Mass in Our Lady of the Angels Cathedral in Los Angeles, CA.

The Mass will take place at 8am on October 1st as part of the Annual Conference of the Society for Catholic Liturgy. An FSSP choir will also be singing.

Apart from being the first time the Extraordinary Form of the Mass will be celebrated in the cathedral, which was built in 2002, the event is significant since it will be juxtaposing the old liturgy with a church that’s famous (or infamous, depending on who you talk to) for its post-modern design. (See: Innovative or an Eyesore? L.A.’s Controversial Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels)

The term “Extraordinary Form” refers to a Mass celebrated according to the missal issued by Pope St. John XXIII in 1962, or prior to post-Vatican II liturgical reforms. The reformed Mass of Paul VI, issued in 1969 and often called the Novus Ordo, is referred to as the “Ordinary Form” of the Mass.

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