Do you ever use your phone in the confessional, or even in the confession line?

Catholic YouTube star Lizzie Reezay recently addressed what happened to her when she used her phone during confession.

Here’s her tweet below:

@lizziereezay, Twitter

The full tweet reads, “One time in confession, this priest was like ‘GET OFF your phone!!!’ And I’m like ‘But I’m taking notes of what you’re saying!’ Anyone else do this??”

Reezay received both positive and negative responses to her question.

Here’s what some users said:

@StefMNicholas, Twitter

This user responded, “I know my fiancé does sometimes. He reads off sins he’s written down so he doesn’t forget things. Another reason I prefer to confess behind the screen. :)”

@MrZip77, Twitter

Another user added, “I’ve never taken notes, but I use the confession feature on the Laudate app. It’s super simple and it keeps me from forgetting once I get in there.”

@Vydunas3, Twitter

Disagreeing with using phones in the confessional, this user said, “With the kinds of viruses and systemic snooping that goes on with cell phone services, there’s a case to be made that even having a phone on your person may be a violation of the seal of the confessional.”

ChurchPOP’s English editor Jacqueline Burkepile also responded to Reezay with a similar story.

Here’s her tweet below:

@jmburkepile, Twitter

Her full tweet reads, ‘”This happened to me in college while waiting in the line. / Older lady: ‘You need to be praying, not looking at your phone.’ / Me: ‘I’m doing an examination of conscience on my phone…’ / Older lady: ‘…'”

Do you think using phones before or during is okay?

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