Go to Joseph.

With all the rampant evil that’s seemingly accepted and celebrated in the world today, it’s easy to be tempted to think things are dismal. However, that’s only possible if we forget that Jesus is in control. He’s always in control.

So much so, that He has willed this to be the Year of St. Joseph!

Think about that for a second. Jesus, in His goodness, mercy, and love for us, gave us St. Joseph – a defender and provider who helps us forge ahead. All we have to do is “Go to Joseph.” (Gen. 41:55).

In a response to God’s goodness, I’ve listed five nuggets of saintly wisdom about the power of our spiritual father, St. Joseph.

1)  “It is true that the other saints enjoy great power in heaven, but they ask as servants, and do not command as masters. Saint Joseph, to whose authority Jesus was subject on earth, obtains what he desires from his kingly foster Son in heaven.” – St. Thomas Aquinas

We all have loads of favorite saints, but every single one of them is a servant. Save Our Lady Herself, St. Joseph is the only one with the authority to command His creator!

Sacred Scripture teaches us that Jesus was obedient to Joseph on earth: “He went down with them and came to Nazareth, and was obedient to them” (Luke 2:51).

‘Them’ being Mary and Joseph. Out of love, respect, and honor, Jesus was obedient to Joseph then, and He listens to him now too.

Go to Joseph. He will take all your petitions to Jesus.

2) “Saint Joseph did not do extraordinary things, but rather by the constant practice of the ordinary and common virtues, he attained that sanctity which elevates him above all other saints.” – St. Joseph Marello

St. Joseph is a natural model of virtue. Anyone seeking to grow in virtue should ask him for help. In fact, true devotion to St. Joseph would be attempting, albeit imperfectly, to emulate his virtues, of which there are many!

Go to Joseph, he will help you grow in virtue.

3) “What a Divine union between Our Lady and the glorious St. Joseph! a union which made that Good of eternal goods, which is our Lord, belong to St Joseph, as He belonged to our Lady…” – St. Francis de Sales

Everyone seeks a sense of belonging. Everyone desires love. Moreover, everyone deserves belonging and love, especially in the hearts of Jesus and Mary.

It’s there that we experience true mercy, peace, and joy.

St. Joseph knew this belonging and love, and he lived it day in and day out. Even amidst the struggles of life. He now enjoys it for all eternity in heaven. Who better to help us enter into the belonging and love shared in the Holy Family but through its head, St. Joseph?

Go to Joseph. He will help you know that you belong and are loved.

4) “St. Joseph was a just man, a tireless worker, an upright guardian of those entrusted to his care.” – Pope St. John Paul II

St. Joseph is a model for leaders of families and workplaces. In a nutshell, St. Joseph was fair, worked hard, and took care of people and things. He is an example to everyone on how to conduct family and business life.

Go to Joseph, he will help you be just, forthright, and sacrificially attentive in your family and work life.

5) “He (St. Joseph) was a virgin, and his virginity was the faithful mirror of the virginity of Mary.” – St. John Henry Newman

St. Joseph was a virgin. He was absolutely pure in body, mind, and intention. One of his roles as protector of the Holy Family was safeguarding the virtue of Our Blessed Lady. She, in return, safeguarded his virtue.

Wow! Now that’s a love that foreshadows the love that exists in heaven.

The truth is, St. Joseph will do the same for us, especially if you struggle with impurities of body, mind, or intention. St. Joseph’s chaste and pure heart can and will help us.

Go to Joseph, especially if you struggle with sins of impurity.

God pours out graces during this Year of St. Joseph. St. Joseph loves us and he will help us. We need only to “Go to Joseph, and do whatever he tells you.” (Gen. 41:55).

St. Joseph, pray for us!

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