This is pretty simple, yet it’s a great way to evangelize!

Fr. Dave Nix recently posted a picture on his Facebook page about something he does for ministry that’s gone viral.

Here’s the post:

FrDave Nix, Facebook

The post reads: “Finally at the University with my new sign. Pray for some “takers” while I write my Sunday sermon 😀”. In the picture, you see Fr. Nix in a cassock, holding a drink and working on his computer, with a sign nearby that reads, “God question? Need confession?

Fr. Nix’s website says he was born and raised in Denver, studied pre-med at Boston College, then worked as a paramedic back in Denver. Soon thereafter he was called to the priesthood, went to seminary, and was ordained in 2010, choosing to perform his ministry with “the ancient use of the sacraments, including the Traditional Latin Mass and calendar.”

He says his “passions include the missions, languages and the end of abortion and child-trafficking,” and that he has done missionary work on all the main continents except Australia. He says he is currently on loan to a diocese in Florida.

Say a prayer for Fr. Nix’s ministry!

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