We reported yesterday that a Planned Parenthood clinic listing on Google Maps showed a pro-life Catholic Eucharistic procession in its default picture. Since then, new images have been added (and removed).

As of this writing, if you search for “Planned Parenthood – Denver Stapleton Health Center” on Google Maps, the default picture for the listing shows long-time pro-lifer Eric Scheidler protesting abortion. Scheidler is the executive director of Pro-Life Action League.

But earlier today, the default picture was of a bloody fetus killed by abortion. It has since been removed. To see a copy of the picture that was removed click here (warning: it’s graphic). The original image of the Catholic Eucharistic procession is also still associated with the listing (just not as the default photo).

Note that these pictures were not captured by Google StreetView, as some have said on social media postings regarding the original image. Instead, these images were uploaded by users.

The current default picture of Scheidler indicates that it was uploaded by him, apparently in December 2007 (or maybe that’s when the photo was taken?). It’s not clear why that photo is now the default photo for the Planned Parenthood listing.

Here’s what the Google Maps listing looks like right now:

Google Maps
Google Maps

And here’s a bigger version of the current default photo:

Google Maps
Google Maps

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