God works in mysterious ways!

Somebody recently noticed that if you look up one of the Planned Parenthoods in Denver, CO on Google Maps, the default picture for the clinic shows what looks like a pro-life Catholic Eucharistic procession in front. And it’s going viral on social media!

[UPDATE: Bloody Abortion Pic Removed from PP Google Listing, Replaced by Eric Scheidler]

Here’s a screenshot of what Google Maps shows you:

Google Maps
Google Maps

Here’s a bigger version of the photo:

Google Maps
Google Maps

You can see it for yourself by clicking on this link (unless Google removes it).

According to the photo credit on Google Maps, the photo was uploaded by user D. Wilson in June of 2016. It’s not clear if the user intended the photo to be used as the default photo for that Planned Parenthood clinic, if Google chose it by an automatic process, or if there was some other factor in play.

Either way, it’s pretty incredible that it ended up that way!

Pray for an end to abortion!

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