The Harvard law professor who recently converted to Catholicism indicated in a recent interview that some sort of mystical experience with Our Lady was involved with his conversion.

“As for influences, there were many,” Dr. Adrian Vermeule told Christina Dearduff regarding his conversion in an interview published in the October issue of Inside the Vatican. Vermeule listed off various people who helped him along the way, then added cryptically at the end, “But behind and above all those who helped me along the way, there stood a great Lady.

That’s an interesting way to put it; was he implying something more? Dearduff then asked him directly whether he experienced what he seemed to be implying he experienced: “Did you experience any kind of mystical or possibly supernatural signs or occurrences relating to your conversion?

Vermeule’s answer: “Let me refer back to the end of the previous answer and leave it at that.

What exactly did Vermeule experience? He seems to be saying that he did indeed have some sort of mystical or supernatural experience related to Our Lady, but that he doesn’t want to talk about it in detail publicly.

Either way, we’re glad he came home!

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