Do you think this priest is right?

Former Anglican-turned Catholic priest Fr. Dwight Longenecker recently addressed the “crisis in the priesthood,” explaining that “everybody has forgotten what a priest is.”

Here’s why, explained in his tweet below:

@dlongenecker1, Twitter

His full tweet reads, “There is a crisis in the priesthood because everybody has forgotten what a priest is. He is not a counselor, a social worker, an agony aunt, a paper pusher, a youth worker, or therapist. He offers a sacrifice to reconcile God and Man, banish Satan, forgive sins and heal the sick.”

The tweet received almost 3,000 likes, more than 700 retweets, and almost 230 comments. Responses were both positive and negative.

Here’s how some people responded:

@techdecisions, Twitter

This user responded, “He is a servant of the People of God, the Body of Christ.”


@wwrsj, Twitter

This Polish priest added, “Indeed, we forgot to see the PRIESTHOOD MAINLY in the perspective of HOLY SACRAMENTS.”

@Chrissyladyrn, Twitter

Another Twitter user added, “He is also charged with caring for his sheep! So, for instance, if one of your parishioners comes to you with a problem, your responsibility is to help them. This can be done in many ways; i.e. directing them to Catholic Services.”

@skeedle1, Twitter

This user responded, “Amazed by comments about what people say a priest does after you just told us a priest does. “He offers a sacrifice to reconcile God and Man, banish Satan, forgive sins and heal the sick.” Thank you Father Longenecker.”

@DeaconKevinReid, Twitter

This Twitter user responded, “As an Ordained Member of Clergy your Representation of the Priesthood shows a profound micro-view of your understanding of Canon Law. We are called to meet people where they are. And to help to lead them to Salvation.”

@ramsaigh, Twitter

This user added, “Well said. Everything is the Mass.”

Do you agree with Fr. Longenecker’s tweet about the priesthood?

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