Deep in the heart of every human being lies a longing for safety – a place where, regardless of our successes or failures, we know that we are loved. “Heart of Mercy,” co-written by John Finch and Rita West invites listeners on a journey to discover the place where this desire is ultimately fulfilled -the heart of mercy, the very heart of God.

The idea for the song began while John and Rita were planning a high school event with a team of young adults in the New Orleans area. The theme, “Into the Heart of Mercy,” persisted in John’s thoughts, tugging on his heart, until he decided to approach Rita with the idea of writing a song around the theme. A few days later, gathered at his keyboard with Bibles in hand, they began to pray about the nature of God’s heart of mercy.

What does it mean that His heart is mercy? What does that look like? It’s a harbor – a safe place, a refuge to rest in. It’s a Father – who leaves His glory, who seeks out the lost.

And what is our response to this heart that pours out mercy? We run towards the invitation and we follow it through the end of our days.

You can get their new song on iTunes.

Here’s the music video:

Here are the lyrics:

There is harbor for those in need of safety
A place, a place where we can rest
There is a father who left His throne above
To find, to find this wayward soul

I’m drawing closer

Into the heart, into the heart of mercy
That bore my shame and broke my chains at Calvary
Thy love poured out and saved by grace You lead me home
Into the heart of God, into the mercy

I run to You, Your arms are open wide
Forgiven, forgiven and set free
I follow You, You have made a way
To mend, to mend this broken heart

I’m falling deeper

Blood and water pouring from Your side
It floods my heart, it brings me back to life

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