Father Ben is up to bat with the bases loaded. Sisters Josephine and Gemma occupy first and second with Father Damien on third. Will Father Ben have what it takes to hit a grand slam?

While priests and religious will unfortunately not be playing at the Angels’ stadium this Saturday, many will be in attendance to watch as the Angels take on the Tigers at Catholic Family Night.

In a YouTube video released by the Diocese of Orange in California, Father Ben and Father Damien join Sisters Josephine and Gemma to learn how to play baseball with Mater Dei High School baseball players in front of the Angels Stadium in Anaheim, California.

While learning to play, they announced the upcoming Catholic Family Night with the Angels.

Click here if you cannot see the video above.

While speaking with ChurchPOP, Nancy McBenttes, the Youth and Young Adult Events and Project Coordinator for the Diocese of Orange, shared that the event was inspired by "a desire to create meaningful connections among Catholic families outside of traditional church activities.”

With “activities, food, and opportunities for socializing during the tailgate before the game,” families will have a unique chance to do just that.

The promotional videos for this event saw great success as they garnered thousands of likes and views across platforms such as Instagram and YouTube.

McBenttes expressed excitement about the videos but shared insight into a deeper purpose behind the original video.

“More importantly, it is part of our new series, which aims to show our religious in a lighthearted and attainable light to inspire vocations," she stated.

Ultimately, inspiring and building relationships with God and others is central to this event.

McBenttes shared more on the purpose of the game night and said, “By organizing a family-friendly event centered around a beloved sport like baseball, we aim to promote camaraderie and deepen relationships within the Catholic community.”

Comments on Instagram affirmed this desire. One commenter said, “Can NOT wait! Absolutely going to this. I love baseball and I LOVE being Catholic!”

Mater Dei Athletic Department commented, “Yes! [Mater Dei Baseball] – way to show up and teach! See everyone on June 29!”

Even one of Father Ben’s parishioners cracked a joke and said, “Please don’t recruit him [Los Angeles Angels]! We need him here!”

These comments showed that it is not an exaggeration to say that Catholics in the Diocese of Orange are beyond excited about this event.

Finally, when asked if more events like this can be expected, McBenttes shared, “We are committed to hosting more events that cater to the interests and values of our Catholic families...Stay tuned for updates on future events and initiatives aimed at strengthening our Catholic community bonds on our Instagram at @orangediocese and @socalcatholic."

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