Unpopular opinion ahead:

There is quite a bit of press on the whole Will Smith/Chris Rock slap. I am not going to get into the slap, but the response.

First seeing Hollywood and the entertainment industry get all up in arms about it has left me with one question:

Do you all actually watch the copious amounts of violence you pipe into our movie screens, computer screens, TV screens, and in our music? This slap is what does it? Really?

It was like the MeToo movement. I am not condoning anything done to women, men, and children by lechers, but do you watch what you put out in music, TV, and movies?

Basically, women are treated like sex dolls with vocal cords in much of the entertainment industry. If this sexual abuse and violence bothered the entertainment industry surely, they would stop pumping it out in the nauseous volume they do.

But let’s be honest, they sell this nonsense because we buy it.

They sell sex and violence in our video games, TV, movies, social media, and music and we buy it. We buy the smut, the porn, and the violence to entertain ourselves, a new colosseum.

Standing on our high horses and condemning such actions when they happen in real life would be a lot more convincing if we quit buying and entertaining ourselves with human carnage and promiscuity.

But we must lay down our virtual schadenfreude and purge ourselves of the need to take delight in the abuse of another.

I’m just saying, if we are going to point out the splinter in another person’s eye, we might well want to remove the beam from our own.

In case you ask, I have over the last few years actively purged my viewing of such entertainment and do not find it entertaining at all. My life comes with enough drama…real drama…I don’t need to pipe this raw sewage into my life.

This post originally appeared on Facebook.

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