What an amazing story!

NFL Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker will play against the Philadelphia Eagles in this weekend’s Super Bowl LVII.

But did you know that this 27-year-old Super Bowl champion is a devout Catholic?

EWTN’s Colm Flynn interviewed Butker, who explains how he reverted to the Catholic faith while attending Georgia Tech University before entering the NFL.

Butker says his journey initially began after returning to confession.

“The biggest leap of faith for me was finally going to the sacrament of confession. That is really what changed me. When I left that confessional–that is what really made me feel different…that’s when I changed my life around.”

“I saw the fruit from it–the fruit from living a holy and grace-filled life,” he adds, saying breaking those habitual sins was a difficult adjustment.

“That’s the real struggle of living a pure and saintly life. Striving to be a saint. That’s what it is. We’re all called to holiness. We’re all called to become saints.”

Butker explains what he loves about the Latin Mass, and considers his faith a central part of his life. He is married with two children.

Here’s the full EWTN interview below:

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More recently, Butker said he prioritizes God in his work. He said his “identity can’t be all as a football player.”

“You miss some kicks and you realize, ‘Okay, my identity can’t be all as a football player,’” Butker told Sports Spectrum.

“So I grew a lot in my prayer life knowing that I’m nothing without Him and I gotta lean on Him, and if He wants to take anything away from me, He can. And if He wants to add anything, He can. It’s all up to Him.”

“‘Jesus, I trust in You’ is a great [prayer], just trusting His will over our own will, because our own will would be worldly success, right?”

In the interview below, he says he “always prays for God’s will to be done.”

Here’s the video:

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“I always pray for God’s will to be done, whether that’s a make or a miss,” Butker says while explaining he is ready for this year’s Super Bowl.

“If I’m doing my absolute best to maximize the talents He gave me, if it doesn’t go in, I’m gonna keep going as much as I can until I’m not kicking footballs anymore.”

What do you think of Butker’s conversion story?

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