Very interesting!

In the video below, you see something pretty out of the ordinary: a giant-sized statue of what appears to be Our Lady of Fatima being explored by scuba divers deep under the ocean.

So how did it get there? And why?

It’s actually a pretty clever reason. The Filipino province Bohol had a problem: fishermen were using dynamite in the water to help with their fishing, but they were also destroying the reef. Since the Philippines is a very Catholic country, the government placed this over-sized statue of Our Lady in that area underwater, hoping that fishermen wouldn’t explode dynamite there knowing they could accidentally damage the statue.

And it worked! The fishermen follow the rules now.

Further, the statue has since become a tourist destination for scuba divers seeking to pay their respects, or else just enjoy the unique sight of a big statue underwater.

“[Divers] can pray underwater to have a moment of deeper reflection than those normally experienced, and be thankful [to God] for safely guiding [them] through all their diving adventures,” reads a statement from a local government office.

Here’s the video:

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