Have you ever wondered how many times Jesus appeared after his Resurrection?

On this week’s episode of The Catholic Talk Show, Ryan Scheel, Ryan DellaCrosse, and Fr. Rich Pagano, discuss Jesus’ appearances throughout his 40 days on earth after the resurrection.

How many times did Jesus appear? Listen to the full answer below:

How many times did Jesus appear after the Resurrection?

Although we don’t know the exact number of times he appeared, we do have an idea. John 20:30 says, “Jesus did many other signs in the presence of the disciples, which are not written in this book.”

Scripture documents 10 appearances to Jesus’ disciples. However, according to tradition, he appeared 12 times. Tradition tells us that his very first appearance was to his mother, Mary. We also learn that he appeared to St. Joseph of Arimathea.

Listen to this week’s episode of The Catholic Talk Show to learn more about Jesus’ life after the Resurrection!

Happy Easter! Christ is Risen!

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