How can save the real Saint Nicholas from commercialization?

Recently on “The Catholic Talk Show,” Ryan Scheel, Ryan Dellacrosse, and Father Rich Pagano reveal the real Saint Nicholas who is often overshadowed by the commercialized Santa Claus.

For example, we often see Santa commercialized in many advertisements, including the Coca-Cola drawings (pictured above) that began in the 1920s. (Haddon Sundblom's depictions began in 1931.)

In this episode, the guys counter this by explaining how Saint Nicholas became a Christian symbol of generosity over 1,700 years ago!

Dellacrosse says "he was born in the third century” and “his legacy not only as a saint but also as a cheerful giver especially to children” should be embraced today.

Much more than the jolly, red-suited figure from popular culture though, Saint Nicholas had a fiery passion for the truth, too.

When the heretic Arius was denying the Divinity of Christ at the Council of Nicaea, Scheel says the saint couldn’t “put up with his shenanigans and got so frustrated with him that he slapped him.”

What most people don’t know, however, is that Saint Nicholas was severely punished afterward and he later said he was “horrified and regretted” his actions.

To better reflect on Saint Nicholas's enduring legacy of charity and justice, the guys say we should recognize his true character and contributions to the faith.

"Saint Nicholas's virtue is coming in relationship to his communion with Christ and that's why his legacy lives on still today," Father Pagano says.

The guys urged listeners to connect with the saint's real-life history, because "this was a real Flesh and Blood Saint, not just a marketing creation," says Scheel.

They say his legacy can continue to inspire and guide us today when commercialization often overshadows the true meaning of Christmas.

Rediscovering the person of Saint Nicholas might just be a big step towards maintaining the sanctity and authenticity of the Catholic traditions we need!

Watch below:

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🙏 St. Nicholas, pray for us! 

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