How can ancient songs guide us through modern problems?

The Catholic Talk Show’s recent episode with Ryan Scheel, Ryan Dellacrosse, and Father Rich Pagano goes to the heart of the Psalms, the ancient hymnal of the Bible that remarkably reflects our deepest hopes and fears.

Father Pagano reminds us that "there's no greater book in the Bible than the Psalms to teach you how to pray with the heart." He adds that the Psalms are a collection of prayers and songs that have shaped Jewish and Christian traditions for centuries holding profound insights into prayer.

"These are the prayers that Jesus himself said," he continues, explaining the Psalms were and still are the pulse of daily prayer for many, including the Holy Family.

The guys touch on the human element within the Psalms and how they are recognized for articulating the full spectrum of human emotion, from joy to despair, making them eternally relevant. A "playlist" for every mood!

The guys also address the different types of Psalms and the various themes they encompass, such as lament, thanksgiving, and royal and liturgical songs. These ancient texts are brought to life in the context of the Mass, especially with music.

Music, Father Pagano says, is the vessel that carries the words of the Psalms into the realm of the transcendent.

"There's a really distinct difference when you find a cantor that is truly called by God to [sing the Psalms]... it's not a performance, it's a prayer from the heart.” 

The hosts remind us that in a world brimming with distractions, the Psalms remain a vital resource, guiding us through our darkest days with God’s grace.

"No matter what emotion you're facing or what circumstances," Father Pagano encourages, "God has addressed it...providing a resource at your fingertips to be able to pray through it and receive consolation and hope."

Watch the full episode about the Psalms below:

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Let’s embrace the Psalms in our daily lives!

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