God works in mysterious ways!

Fr. Goyo Hidalgo, a priest in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, shared a story on Twitter that will make you second-guess your belief in coincidences.

The parish priest explained that he accidentally dialed the wrong number when calling a parishioner. However, the call resulted in God’s providence!

Here’s the story below:

@frgoyo, Twitter

Here’s the text of Fr. Goyo’s story:

“I left a message for a parishioner, ‘This is Fr. Goyo. I know you needed to talk. I’m here.’

“Two minutes later, [I receive] call back, ‘I wanted to talk to a priest for a long time but I was nervous. How did you know?’

“I didn’t know. I dialed a wrong number.

“Thanking God for using my clumsiness.”

Multiple users responded to the incredible story. Some users even shared their own!

Here’s what some people said:

@MulierFortis, Twitter

This user said, “I came back to the church after an absence of 10 years, after feeling convinced I had to visit a Catholic ‘church,’ It was a Saturday. I had no intention of seeing a priest. I had no idea the church had only just been opened up for Confession & Mass and the priest spotted me…”

Another user responded with an amazing story regarding her brother.

Here’s what this person said:


@Sparki777, Twitter

Here’s the full text:

“God uses wrong numbers all the time!

“In 2015, my older brother was about to have a widow maker heart attack in his sleep. He was awakened by somebody dialing a wrong number.

“Realizing he was having heart attack symptoms, he called 911. Coded as they arrived in the ER. But because he was in ER, he survived. The doctor said if he would have been asleep, he would have died.

“The guy who called him by mistake was an ex-con who desperately needed to know he could do good in the world. My brother went to see him after he was out of the hospital. Win-win.”

Other users praised God and thanked Fr. Goyo for such an inspiring tweet.

This user said, “It’s stories like this that make Catholic twitter so enjoyable. May God continue to bless and guide your efforts, Father.”

@ElenaFeick, Twitter

This priest added, “Come Holy Spirit!”

@dparrishcsc, Twitter

Another user said, “There are no accidents.”

@summer0655, Twitter

What did you think of Fr. Goyo’s story?

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