Do you have a broken or deteriorated rosary or scapular?

Father Eduardo Hayen Cuarón of Juarez, Mexico provided advice to help dispose of damaged blessed objects properly.

According to the Code of Canon Law #1171, "Sacred objects, which are designated for divine worship by dedication or blessing, are to be treated reverently and are not to be employed for profane or inappropriate use even if they are owned by private persons."

On his Twitter account, Father Eduardo explained that "There are Catholics who do not know what to do with their deteriorated religious objects that have been blessed by a priest or deacon."

In a tweet with almost 5,000 views, the priest recalled these objects, "if they have been blessed by a priest, have a spiritual power, and must be treated properly when they have already been damaged..."

What process should I follow?

“They can be buried or burned, giving thanks to God because they fulfilled their function of being sacramentals that led us to the sacraments and the relationship with God. If you cannot get rid of the objects, take them to a parish so they can dispose of them there."

Can we repair them?

Among the comments, one user asked if a damaged rosary could be repaired. The priest noted:

“Of course, it can be recovered. I have broken some rosaries, and it was all a matter of the chain being a little open in one of its gears."

Here's his Twitter thread below:

Additional Ways to Dispose of Blessed Objects

The Diocese of Superior, Wisconsin provides these additional suggestions for damaged blessed items:

1) Do not throw blessed items away if they are not burnable.

2) Disassemble or destroy the blessed object in a manner that prevents profane use. Give them to your parish for burial in a cemetery or on Church grounds.

3) "If the item is metal that could be melted down for re-use, it must first be disassembled or destroyed in a way that prevents any profane re-use in its recognizable form prior to its trip to the smelter."

Click here for more suggestions from the Diocese of Superior.

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