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Do you know how to obtain a plenary indulgence on the Solemnity of Corpus Christi?

Eucharistic processions occur all over the world on the Solemnity of Corpus Christi, or the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ.

According to Pope Francis' 2021 homily on the feast of Corpus Christi, these processions “remind us that we are called to go out and bring Jesus to others. To go out with enthusiasm, bringing Christ to those we meet in our daily lives.”

Here's an example of a Eucharistic procession on Corpus Christi:

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The USCCB's Manual for Plenary Indulgences states, "A plenary indulgence is granted to the faithful who devoutly participate in a solemn Eucharistic procession, held inside or outside a church, of greatest importance on the Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ."

In order to obtain this plenary indulgence, the faithful who participate in a Eucharistic procession on the Solemnity of Corpus Christi must also fulfill the usual three conditions.

The usual conditions for obtaining a plenary indulgence:
  • Go to Confession (as soon as possible or after fulfilling the other conditions)
  • Receive Holy Communion (as soon as possible)
  • Pray for the Pope's intentions. (The Church suggests an "Our Father" and a "Hail Mary" as soon as possible)

One must approach the indulgence with a spirit “completely detached from the affection for a sin,” both mortal and venial.

What a great opportunity of mercy from the Lord. Let us not waste this treasure of grace!

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O Sacrament most Holy, O Sacrament Divine, all praise and all thanksgiving be every moment thine!

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