This is such a great meme for any parent of small children!

The top of the Facebook meme says, “Prepping the kids for Mass on Sunday ⛪🤷”  The post depicts a clip from Netflix’s Bird Box, with actress Sandra Bullock giving a dramatic pep talk.

Check it out below:

Please click here if you cannot see the video above.

Bullock, who plays Malorie, says the following:

“We are going on the trip now.
It’s going to be rough.
It’s going to feel like it’s going on for a long time,
so it’s going to be hard to stay alert.
It’s going to be even harder to be quiet,
but you have to do both.
You have to do every single thing I say, or we will not make it!

Doesn’t this perfectly apply to parents with small children?! 

Rachel Harkins Ullmann, a Regional Development Director at the Archdiocese of Baltimore, created the video. In the caption of the post, she said this is “her first meme.” What a way to make a debut!

What do you think of the meme? Isn’t it great?! 😂😂😂

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