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On this week’s episode of The Catholic Talk Show, Ryan Scheel, Fr. Rich Pagano, and Ryan DellaCrosse discuss “7 Secrets Catholic Exorcists Want You to Know” with Slaying Dragons author Charles Fraune.

In this episode, the guys cover these questions:

• What motivates demons to attack us?
• Identifying the stages of demonic attack
• What do demons reveal during an exorcism?
• What items should you have blessed in your home?
• What holy items should you get to protect yourself?

Watch this week’s episode below:

Click here if you cannot see the video above.

7 Secrets The Catholic Talk Show covers:

1) Demons are real.

2) What motivates a demon

3) The different stages of diabolical influence

4) How to resist diabolical influence

5) Demons tell exorcists what exorcists know

6) What happens during exorcisms

7) Our Lord has absolute authority over demons

St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle!

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