The annual pro-life March for Life in Washington D.C. is less than a week away!

Whether you are joining the march in Washington D.C., joining another pro-life march in another city, or can’t make it but want to show your support, here’s an easy way to boldly make your pro-life views known: add a March for Life filter to your social media profile pics!

Of course, the most important pro-life work is done in crisis pregnancy centers, on the sidewalks outside Planned Parenthoods, and in government legislatures. But hey, showing your support for the cause on social media helps, too!

Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Visit this website

Go to this website. If you come to a page that looks like this…

… you’re in the right place!

Step 2: Login

Click the button “Login to Add Twibbon”.

You can login with either Facebook or Twitter. You’ll be asked to give the website permission to access your profile pic for that social network, which you should grant.

Step 3: Add the filter to your profile pic

You’re almost done!

There should now be two new buttons: one for adding the filter to your Twitter profile pic, and the other for adding the filter to your Facebook profile pic. Click the button for the social network you want to add the filter to.

After you click one of the buttons, a box should come up that shows your profile pic with the filter overlaid.

If you like what you see, then click “Add the Twibbon to Facebook/Twitter.” (Note: If you’re posting on Facebook, be sure to unselect “Also post a message of support to my timeline” if you don’t want to do that.)

Voilà! You are now proudly showing your support for the March for Life!

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