God can work in unexpected ways, so it’s important that all Christians – clergy and lay – are always open to the leading of the Spirit!

Fr. Goyo Hidalgo, a Catholic priest in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, recently tweeted out a story that exemplifies this fact, a story that took place in a fast food drive-thru, of all places.

Here’s the tweet:

@FrGoyo, Twitter

The tweet reads: “Me @ Carl’s Jr drive through / Cashier: “oh hi. Are you a real priest?” / ME: “Well, yes of course.” / Cashier: “do you do confessions?” / ME: “among other things.” / Cashier: “I haven’t been in many years and…” / ME: “I am parking right now.” / God’s always ready to forgive / #BeReadytoo”.

Praise the Lord!

One person responded on Twitter, “A wonderful response. Most would tell when confessions are held at the church. Wow.

To which Fr. Goyo explained that he’s not always able to do what he did: “I am not always that good. Sometimes I am in a hurry because of an emergency call or about to celebrate Mass and I have to say no. I hate to do that, but we priests are limited too. So I tell them if they can’t wait after Mass then we have confessions everyday for 1 hour.”

Let us all be more open to loving and serving those around us, even when we’re not expecting it!

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