Almost 80 years ago, young seminarian and martyr Bl. Rolando Rivi died at the hands of communist partisans.

Fri. April 13, 1945 was not only the day dedicated to the Passion of Christ, but also the day communist partisans killed Rivi in odium fidei (Latin for “hatred of the faith”).

Rivi was only 14 years old when taken prisoner for three days and subjected to unspeakable torture and violence.

He was finally taken to the woods in Piane di Monchio, Italy and stripped of his cassock. He was forced to dig his own grave, kneel down, and receive two pistol shots.

According to what was recorded, the young martyr also prayed the ‘Our Father’ in front of his assassins. Immediately after the the prayer that the political commissar of the partisan group fired the two fatal shots at him.

While today we don’t know the names of the culprits, Rivi’s great testimony of faith shines! The Catholic Church now venerates him as “Blessed,” and he is the patron of seminarians and ministers of the Diocese of Modena-Nonantola in Italy.

“I Belong to Jesus”: Rolando Rivi’s strong testimony of faith

Rolando’s great faith never wavered. Although he was aware of the risks he ran in wearing the cassock, especially between Bologna, Modena and Reggio Emilia, he never wanted to take it off.

The same family had asked him several times to give up his robe, but the young seminarian had replied: “Why? What’s wrong with carrying it? I don’t want to take it off. I study as a priest and the robe is the sign that I belong to Jesus”.

Prayer to Blessed Rolando Rivi

O God, merciful Father,
who chooses the little ones
to confuse the powerful of the world,
I thank you for having given us,
in the seminarian Rolando Rivi,
a testimony of total love
for your Son Jesus and his Church,
even to the sacrifice of his life.

Enlightened by this example
and through Rolando’s intercession,
I ask you to give me the strength
to always be a living sign
of your love in the world
and I beg you to grant me the grace…
(mention your intention here)
which I ardently desire.


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