Pray for the Catholic Church in Canada!

An historic Catholic church in Alberta, Canada fell victim to an alleged arson attack early Wednesday morning.

The fire consumed 114-year-old St. Jean Baptiste Church in Morinville, Alberta in what authorities believe is another hate crime in a slew of Catholic church burnings across Canada.

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At least six church burnings occurred in less than a month after the remains of 215 Indigenous children were found at a former residential Catholic-run school in Kamloops, British Columbia. The Oblates of Mary Immaculate ran the Kamloops Indian Reservation School from 1893-1969.

Cowesses First Nation leaders also announced on June 24 the discovery of 751 unmarked graves at the former Marieval Indian Residential School.

Lower Kootenay Band announced on June 30 that they found 182 unmarked graves a former British Colombia residential school. The Catholic Church ran the school from 1912-1970.

The Catholic Church ran more than two-thirds of residential schools set up by the federal government.

Vancouver Abp. J. Michael Miller apologized in a June 2 letter for the “deplorable conduct of those Catholics.”

“I wish to apologize sincerely and profoundly to the survivors and their families, as well as to those subsequently affected, for the anguish caused by the deplorable conduct of those Catholics who perpetrated mistreatment of any kind in these residential schools.”

Residents mourn the loss of their beloved church. One resident claims she comes from an indigenous background and is “absolutely heartbroken.”

Here’s her post below: 

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The post reads, “There are no words. It’s almost too horrible to be real. It was a beautiful piece of architecture. As someone from an indigenous background I clearly don’t condone what the Catholic Church has done but this type of destructive act is completely unnecessary. I am ABSOLUTELY heartbroken. I grew up in the Morinville area and this church was a huge part of my family’s life. My parents would be devastated. So, so, sad. 🥺 I can’t stop crying…”

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney “condemned” what he believes is a “hate crime” against Catholics.

Here’s his tweet below:

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The tweet reads, “I condemn what appears to be another violent hate crime targeting the Catholic community. / The century old église de Saint-Jean-Baptiste was the heart of Morinville, and a key part of the history and spiritual life of Alberta’s francophone community.”

Kenney later posted this statement:

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also condemned the attacks during a June 30 press briefing.

“This is not the way to go. The destruction of places of worship is unacceptable and must stop,” Trudeau said. “We need to work together to right the mistakes of the past. And that is what we will continue to do.”

Pray for the protection of our churches!

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