This is a really amazing story!

One Reddit user recently shared his story about inviting a satanist to Mass. As a result, the satanist converted to Catholicism! What a miracle!

The user explained that he evangelized to the satanist after meeting him in class. The satanist then asked him about the Catechism, so the Reddit user began reading it to him. The satanist then became “quite serious about it” and asked “deep questions” about “the truth of Mother Church.”

The Reddit user also revealed that the satanist’s wife is pregnant and he now plans to bring them adoration and Mass on Sundays and Wednesdays.

Read the full story below:

@Nama_Jeff_, Reddit

Here’s the full text of the story:

“This is a story I’d like to tell since I’ve noticed a distinct lack of positive evangelization amongst certain sections of the Church, and I want to get a conversation started about reaching out to the marginalized segments of society.

“I have an acquaintance whom I’ve spent a lot of time evangelizing over the past year. He is an outspoken Satanist, and we were introduced last year during one of our classes.

“The first thing he asked was, ‘What’s Catholicism like?’ And I told him, starting with basics and then reading to him out of the Catechism. He was quite serious about it, asking deep questions and trying to understand the doctrines and Truth of Mother Church.

“Well, recently he got his girlfriend pregnant and was about to drop out of school, and I told him, ‘You’re always welcome to come to Mass. I’ll pay for your gas if you can’t make it otherwise.’

“He accepted my proposal, and as a result, this last Sunday, he came to Mass.

“After Mass was over, he told me, ‘I wasn’t quite sure what was going on. I just did what you told me to,’ and I told him this was fine as he was just starting out.

“To my amazement, he tells me that he’s going to start coming to Mass every Sunday and Wednesday for adoration, and that he’s going to bring his wife and unborn child along as well.

“God willing he will start RCIA soon, and he could be baptized and confirmed as soon as next Easter Vigil.

“This event has had a serious impact on me and has put me on fire, so to speak. What are your thoughts, and have you had a similarly moving event in your mission on earth as a disciple of Christ?”

Here’s how some users responded:

@TexanLoneStar, Reddit

This user said, “Glory to God in the Highest! / No one can resist the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass! / The first time I saw the consecration and elevations of the Host and Chalice I was hooked. The Gregorian was the music of heaven and the censors swinging about. Truly it is heaven on earth. He saw this and knew it deep within him.”

Fyrjefe, Reddit

This user added, “[Of] my few run-ins with occultists/Satanists, they seem to be very interested in ritual and symbolism. A priest who does liturgy well is probably the best conduit for evangelization. Though, in a sense, you were like John saying to James, ‘come and see this person who I have met!’ And He did the rest through the priest.

@Diocleatian, Reddit

Another user responded, “Wow good job 😳.  This is my story…”

“I was invited to go by someone special whom I highly respect, and let’s say I never regretted going since. I am in RCIA and love the Church. I love going and enjoy being there to worship. I am not the best person with the rosary or my prayers. It is hard to undo what I have been taught from a previous church. I am getting use to it and it is an experience. My first time going, it felt so familiar and brought me peace and purpose.

Praise God!

Pray for the conversion of Satanists!

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