If for some reason you haven’t come across the mega-popular project “Humans of New York,” the basic idea is that the photographer Brandon Stanton goes around New York, takes people’s portrait, and asks them to tell him something about themselves. He posts his pictures with their short stories on Facebook, Instagram, his website, etc.

Earlier today, he posted this amazing story:

The text says:

“When I was six years old, I had a vision where I saw everything that was going to happen in my life. Jesus showed me that my life was going to be very tough, but if I stuck with him, and prayed, and cried when I needed to, and ate lots of chocolate, I’d be OK.”

“Where were you when you had this vision?”

“At the feet of my foster mother. She was kicking me in the stomach.”

What an amazing story! Always remember that, even in our suffering, Jesus is present and loves us.

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