“I do have a darkened heart, yeah,” the abortionist said to the pro-life activist.

“You have a darkened heart,” the pro-lifer repeated, who was taking a video of the exchange (watch it at the end of this article).

“I do, I do, very, very much so.”

The abortionist was Dr. Robert Santella at the San Diego’s Family Planning Associates clinic, and he appeared to be pretending to be a demon or some kind of monster with his voice and gestures. A nearby security guard seemed to find the doctor’s antics funny.

“You’ve got to repent, sir, for murdering babies,” the activist said calmly as the doctor exited the clinic. The doctor then got up in the activist’s face with a modulated voice, “Why?”

“Because it’s a sin before God,” the activist replied. The doctor growled back, saying “Stinky breath!”

“That’s pretty evil of you, sir.”

“Yeah, I am.”

The doctor then did some gesture that wasn’t caught on video. “Wow,” the activist said, “that’s what you do to babies, huh.”

“Yeah, I love it, yeah, I do.” The activist then said he hoped the doctor would come to Christ. “Oh, I’ll never go to Christ,” the abortionist replied, “no, I don’t go to Christ, I don’t listen to Christ.”

The activist then told the abortionist he would one day stand before God in judgement. When the activist said he would be judged “for all the babies you have killed,” the abortionist responded, “I love it, I love it!”

Dr. Santella was also holding scissors during the exchange, which he held up in his hand at various points. It’s unclear whether he meant to threaten the pro-lifer with them or not.

Other pro-choicers have referenced the demonic in their exchanges with pro-lifers. In April, a group of Satanists staged a bizarre demonstration that, among other things, mocked Catholicism, outside of a Planned Parenthood clinic. And in 2013, pro-choicers chanted “Hail, Satan!” as pro-lifers sang “Amazing Grace” in the Texas state capital.

Here’s the video:

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