Bishop Michael Olson of the Catholic Diocese of Fort Worth released an Aug. 26 statement saying that the alleged apparitions, messages, and miracles under the name “Mystical Rose–Our Lady of Argyle” are “fabricated.”

Before coming to this conclusion, Bishop Olson addressed the claims in an Aug. 8 statement. He said “one should assess claims of apparitions or of messages and miracles with prudence…”

He added that he did “not encourage anyone to offer credence or support for these claimed apparitions.”

The visionary claims she received messages from Our Lady, Jesus, her guardian angel, the archangels, and St. John the Baptist, to name a few.

She claims she received these messages and witnessed miracles at various locations across the North Texas area and in Fort Smith, Arkansas. She said the visions began in 2017.

However, the Bishop said the pro-life apostolate Loreto House, (where the alleged visionary claims she received some of the messages) released security camera footage to the diocese depicting the woman secretly dropping roses and petals in a conference room.

“The videotape clearly reveals the alleged visionary surreptitiously dropping a rose on the floor of a room; she would later make the claim that the rose was a miraculous gift of the Virgin Mary,” Bishop Olson said in his statement.

“After viewing the video and consulting with diocesan advisors and others, I have concluded that the Mystical Rose–Our Lady of Argyle is a fabrication and not true.”

Bishop Olson added that he reached out to the alleged visionary hoping to meet with her, but she cancelled the meeting, citing that they she would meet with him “in the future” with a canon lawyer.

Concluding his letter, the bishop said he “regrets any scandal that these false claims…have caused to the faith of the parishioners of Saint Mark Catholic Church, within the Diocese of Fort Worth, and beyond.

“I ask that you pray for the healing and conversion of all involved in these matters that have brought scandal and discord and disunity where there should be peace and communion.”

Pray for the Diocese of Fort Worth!

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