This song just might bring you to tears!

Rachel Holt, an 18-year-old country singer from Indiana now based out of Tennessee, released a song on Friday to celebrate the second anniversary of the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

The song is sung from the perspective of a little girl in the womb and is titled “I Was Gonna Be."

Chris Wallin, who has written songs for Brad Paisley, Toby Keith, Kenny Chesney, and many other big names in country music, wrote this song. In an interview with Breitbart News, he expressed that he was convicted that “something needed to be said” although he “didn’t think anyone would ever actually sing [the song].”

After getting to know Holt and being granted sponsorship from Patriot Mobil, Wallin and Holt recorded and released the song with Baste Records, the music company in which Wallin serves as head of A&R.

Now singing, “If my mama coulda just seen my face, maybe she woulda had me anyway,” Holt has topped chats with her newest song.

Breaking through to rank at the top five in country music on iTunes, Holt beautifully sings a sorrowful story of a little girl who never made it to birth.

Holding a strong pro-life stance and traditional values, Holt shared with Breitbart that she feels that girls her age do not listen to songs about “real life.” Baste Records was happy to help her share this authentic perspective.

In a video created about Baste Records, one of their artists stated that “hardworking, family-oriented, loving people have been pushed out of the industry for political considerations, cultural consideration, and what we wanna do at Baste Records is change that.”

With such incredible pro-life messaging, Baste Records has done just what they claim to do after releasing “I Was Gonna Be.”

Now, some are calling this the new “Pro-Life Anthem.”

On an Instagram post announcing the song's release, many expressed their gratitude for the message.

One commenter said, “If you’re thinking about an abortion, listen to this it on repeat. Have your child, then listen again. You’ll be so proud of the decision you made”.

Another thanked Holt, commenting, “Thank you for letting God use your voice for the voiceless. Now, you think He’s done amazing things in your life? You ain’t seen nothing yet!”

Some even expressed a desire for more artists to follow in Holt’s footsteps stating, “Thank you for fighting for all the babies...the world needs you more than ever. There are not many young women like you.”

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