The highly-anticipated Barbie movie released in theaters on July 21.

According to reports, the film is packed full of woke propaganda. The premise is anti-woman, anti-mother, and pro-transgender.

Sister Mary Joseph of the Sister Servants of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus published her take on a potential Barbie movie sequel in a viral Twitter post.

She addressed Barbie's dissatisfaction with worldly desires, including materialism, partying, premarital cohabitation, an eating disorder, and her "unemployed playboy Ken."

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"'Barbie becomes a nun' would be a great sequel," Sister Mary Joseph wrote.

"'Dissatisfied by endless parties and user friends, an eating disorder, spending addictions with clothes and shoes, and cohabitating with the shallow [and] unemployed playboy Ken, Barbie's sportscar has been parked more and more at an adoration chapel.

"'She is seriously giving thought to draining the pool, putting her condo on the market, cutting her hair, and donning the religious habit. Barbie has a new purpose in life, and she's never been happier.'"

Sister Mary Joseph later provided an update on Barbie's discernment process.

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"[People] are asking for an update," Sister Mary Joseph said. "As you probably heard, Sr. Barbie will be entering soon. She had an online silent auction to benefit St. Jude's and put the condo on the market. Ken's finally in rehab."

As of this writing, the sister's original post generated almost 20,000 views, nearly 700 likes, and over 100 retweets.

Multiple users reacted to Sister Mary Joseph's post.

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With a photo of Barbie dressed as a nun, this user wrote, "Her last photo shoot."

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Another user commented, "This is a funny tweet, but movie spoiler: Barbie is canonically Jewish."

Sister Mary Joseph then said the unexpected, "well-played" comment was a "plot twist" that she "wasn't ready for."

"Did you know that one of our Sisters is Jewish, Sr. Joan Greenberg?" Sister Mary Joseph continued.

"When she informed her mother that she was entering the convent, her mother reportedly said, 'This is a bit much!'  

"To which Sister replied, 'But, Mother, you always wanted me to marry a nice Jewish boy and I will!'

"So cute. She is a precious Sister. Very intelligent, but humble, and hardworking."

Sister Mary Joseph then concluded her thread promoting vocations.

"Anyone inspired to do the same should contact me. There's a whole world out there waiting for you to serve them. ❤️🙏😇"

Pray for an increase in vocations to the religious life!

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